Today digital marketing has become all about SEO and successful SEO is all about using White Hat Technique. Now What is this White Hat Technique and how it builds the backbone of SEO. In clear language, white hat is all about the utilizing techniques, optimization strategies and tactics. All of them focus on human audience instead of search engines but without diverting from search engine rules and policies. Opposite to black hat SEO, white hat refers to those techniques which are bent on improving search performance without losing the integrity of your website. Without breaking the search engine’s terms of service, applying white hat SEO technique, you can surely shine in digital industry. Now what are the core techniques that white hat SEO follow: quality content and services, involving descriptive keywords and Meta tags, making site navigation friendly. If you are doing something contradictory like using spun content, which is not at all reader friendly or wrong Meta tags then surely Google will ban you.

Google is one of most popular, widely visited search engine and number of people visits it almost every day. Google is providing you range of traffic to your website. That crowd of traffic will be having both new and old users. Now if you are banned by Google, then imagine what will be your condition in terms of online marketing. Once you are banned none can assure you that your website will again be relisted. So when you have to undergo lifetime ban your sales and production will have to undergo the worst possible consequence.

So applying white hat technique means using organic techniques to capture attention of internet users. Thus your site will perform well on SERP. Black hat techniques are all about spamming and undue keyword stuffing. So no matter what you involve in your site, whether video, images, meta information, you need to be considerate about the performance about the site without breaking the rules laid by search engines.